• [CSR News]S-OIL Confers Hero Firefighters Awards
  • 2018.12.05

● 8 Hero firefighters including Firefighter Lee Bi-Ho, named the Best Hero Firefighter, were selected as Hero Firefighter.

● Since 2006, the refiner has run the Hero Firefighters Support Program to boost firefighters’ morale and to help stabilize the living conditions of firefighters.

S-OIL held the “2018 Hero firefighters Awards” ceremony at Yeoido Kensington Hotel on Dec. 5 and presented plaques of appreciation and a prize of 90 million won to eight firefighters, who were selected as “Hero Firefighters.” 

At the ceremony, S-OIL awarded a plaque of appreciation and a prize of 20 million won to Fire Lieutenant Lee Bi-Ho named as the “Best Hero Firefighter” on the recommendation of the National Fire Agency and the KNCSW and it gave a plaque of appreciation and a prize of 10 million won to Fire Lieutenant Kim Sang-Seob and six other firefighters who are named as “Hero Firefighters.” 

Fire Lieutenant Lee Bi-Ho, who was named as the honorable Best Hero Firefighter, is a veteran firefighter who rescued precious lives from fire despite his individual protection equipment was melting. Moreover, he rapidly rescued people from villa fire in January and marketplace fire in October.

Also, firefighters who showed the spirit of sacrifice to rescue people when fire suddenly broke out were selected as Hero Firefighters. Fire Lieutenant Kim Sang-Seob, who contributed in fire suppression at Onsan auto parts factory, Fire Lieutenant Park Suk-ho, who invented and donated firefighting equipment as a member of ’119 Edison Club’, Fire Lieutenant Cho Yong-Chan, who evacuated pension guests at Jeju and four other firefighters were named as Hero firefighters. 

“I have great gratitude for firefighters as they jump into the flame to rescue people and devote all their energy to put out the fire,” said S-OIL CEO Othman Al-Ghamdi. “The S-OIL Hero Firefighters Awards that has continued since 2006 is meant to send our respect and appreciation to firefighters who sacrifice themselves to protect other people’s lives and property as well as their families.”  

As part of the Hero Firefighters Support Campaign, S-OIL has run a wide range of support programs. It gives consolation money to the families of fallen firefighters (54 persons), scholarships to children of fallen firefighters (1,189 persons), and encouragement money to injured firefighters (275 persons). It also holds a Healing Camp for firefighters and their spouses (840 persons) ,the awards ceremony for Hero Firefighters (86 persons) and the Firefighters’ visit to outstanding fire station facilities overseas (63). 

*The number in parentheses ( ) denotes the accumulated number of beneficiaries of each program.


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