• [CSR News]S-OIL donated 2 bil. won to charity at year-end
  • 2018.12.14

● S-OIL donates 2 bil. Won to Charity Chest Korea on Dec. 14th
   - Also donated teenager independent support fund raised with 8,358 customers

S-OIL donated 2 billion Won to the Community Chest Korea (CCK) to help people in need on Dec. 14th. The donation ceremony was held at CCK office in Jeong-dong, Joong-gu, Seoul.


CEO Al-Ghamdi said “As a responsible corporate citizen, S-OIL pursues ‘sharing’ as one of the Company’s core values to bring warmth to the society.” and “I hope S-OIL’s donation goes a long way in supporting senior citizens living alone, single-parent family, the disabled, multi-cultural family, beneficiaries of nation basic livelihood and all neighbors in need.”


S-OIL also donated ‘S-OIL bonus point’ worth 43 mil. Won, which was fundraised with customers, to CCK on Dec. 12th. It includes 21.5 mil. Won contributed by 8,358 customers and the same amount by S-OIL on a matching basis.


The donation will be used for teenagers leaving nursery facility and prepare their independent lives at the age of 18.


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