• [CSR News]S-OIL delivers donation to running emergency room, ‘Doctor Car’
  • 2019.04.30

● S-OIL donated 100 mil. won to help the operation of the Doctor Car Program, which is related directly to the lives of Ulsan citizens.
● The Doctor Car Program has been firmly established through mutual cooperation between S-OIL, Ulsan City and Ulsan University Hospital.

On April 30, S-OIL (CEO Othman Al-Ghamdi) delivered a donation of 100 million won to Ulsan City to support the operation of the Doctor Car Program with the aim of improving the survival rate of trauma patients. As Ulsan City and Ulsan University Hospital chipped in for its stable operation on the same day, a stable foundation has been established for the operation of the Program.   

Under the Doctor Car Program, a medical team goes to the accident scene within the Golden Time when there is a trauma patient due to a disaster or car accident, administers medical treatment and medicines and transports them promptly, thereby reducing the preventable death rate significantly. In particular, since they treat patients inside the ambulance on their way to a hospital, the Doctor Car is called a ‘running emergency room’.   

“I’m pleased to sponsor the Doctor Car, which raises the survival rate of trauma patients at the crossroads of life and death,” said S-OIL President Bong-Soo, Park. “As a corporate citizen, S-OIL will continue to sponsor CSR activities that are closely connected with the Ulsan community.” 

Apart from this program, the refiner has steadily conducted the Local Community Support Program in order to grow and prosper hand in hand with the local community of Ulsan where its plant is nestled. In 2007, it established a welfare foundation named the S-OIL Ulsan Welfare Foundation for the first time among local companies and runs a wide range of CSR programs such as the support of local welfare facilities and groups, and farmers, etc.


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