• [CSR News]S-OIL offers scholoarship to children of fallen firefighters
  • 2018.08.30

● S-OIL offered 210 million won to 70 children of fallen Firefighters at Yeongdeungpo Fire Station.
   - Since 2006, the refiner has conducted various activities to support firefighters’ families as part of its Hero Firefighters Support Program over thirteen years.

S-OIL (CEO Othman Al Ghamdi) said the refiner offered 210 million won (3 million won each) to 70 students of the bereaved families of fallen firefighters.

Since 2006, S-OIL has offered scholarships to children of fallen firefighters as part of the Hero Firefighters Support Program to help them concentrate on their studying stably. Under this program, the refiner has granted about 3.4 billion won to 1,189 children until this year.

In particular, the refiner offers scholarship for students until they finish their studying from elementary school to university, so that the scholarship supports the students to grow up in health and become a pillar of society

“We should memorize your fathers’ sacrifice and courage they have shown for society and we want you to feel respect toward them all the time and motivate yourselves to overcome any obstacles you encounter throughout your life,” said S-OIL CEO Othman Al Ghamdi. “I promise that S-OIL will continue to be a reliable supporter of children of fallen firefighters and their families just as we have done for the past thirteen years.”


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