• [CSR News]S-OIL awards “Hero Neighbors” who saved neighbors with spirit of sacrifice
  • 2018.12.13

● S-OIL awarded 16 Hero Citizens including Ryu Kwang-Hyun, who saved 7 guests when traveling Russia.
● S-OIL has awarded brave citizens who took the lead in helping people in danger since 2008.


S-OIL Corporation held the “2018 Hero Citizens Award” ceremony at its Head Office in Gongdeok-dong, Mapo, Seoul on Dec. 13. It singled out 16 hero citizens who demonstrated the righteous spirit of sacrifice to save fellow citizens in danger and awarded 140 mil. won.


At the ceremony, the Company presented trophies and award money to brave citizens who showed great courage in dangerous situations. The list includes Ryu Kwang-Hyun(male, age 35), who helped evacuate seven Korean guests from guesthouse that caught fire when traveling Russia and sustained an injury in his leg and spine, Cha Myung-Jin(male, age 42), who rescued drowning child from Gyeonggi-do Anseong reservoir, Lee Jae-Hwang(male, age 34), who saved a baby by blocking with his delivery vehicle the stroller that an old lady has missed, Lee Sang-Ho(male, age 23), who saved the passenger who was being assaulted by another passenger on board an express bus.


S-OIL said, “We will keep supporting hero citizen program so as to contribute to building a healthy social culture.” 


S-OIL has been holding Hero Citizens Award ceremony since 2008 in order to encourage and support those who save others from danger with their brave civic spirit.



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